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Executone CX 816





  • From station 100, take the handset off-hook.

  • Dial "*".

  • Dial "7764" (PROG).

  • Press the "FLASH" button.

  • Dial "28".

  • Enter time and date as follows: YYMMDDHHMMSS.

  • Press the "HOLD" button

      Enter time and date in the following formats-

      Year (YY) =00-99

      Month (MM) =01-12

      Day (DD) =0-31

      Hour (HH) =00-24

      Minute (MM) =00-60

      Second (SS) =00-60


Executone Infostar VX II Voice Mail


  • Press "SPKR" or lift handset. Press "436" to enter voice mail.

  • Press the "#" key, mailbox "5000", press password "5000" (default on most systems, yours may differ) then the "#" key.

  • Press "5" to change time and date.

  • After the current date plays, enter the current date MM:DD:YY.

  • After the time plays, enter the new time HH:MM:SS in military format.

  • When finished, press the "*" key until you hear "exiting the system".



Executone Isoetec IDS via Operator's Phone M-32 Series


The TIME option must be enabled on the system.

  • Lift the handset or press the release key.

  • Dial "28" and the four digit time in 24-hour clock format (military time). For example, to set the time as 3:00 pm, dial "281500". Confirmation tone is played.


Executone Isoetec IDS via Operator's Terminal


The TIME option must be enabled on the system.


  •  While the terminal is idle, press and hold Ctrl and "C". Release both keys. The cursor moves to the Hour field.

  • Enter the 2-digit hour in 24-hour clock format (ie., 16 for 4pm). The cursor moves to the Minutes field.

  • Enter the 2-digit minutes. The cursor moves back to the Hour field.

  • Press the Return key. The cursor moves to the Month field.

  • Enter the 2-digit month, day and year. The system inserts the "-" automatically.

  • Press and hold Ctrl and "C". Release.



Executone Isoetec Medley



  • Press the "Menu" key.

  • Press "Park 3".

  • Enter the password (default is "456")

  • Press "#".

  • Press "1" for System Functions.

  • Press "4" for System Clock.

  • Enter the time in 12-hour format.

  • Press "#"

  • Press AM or PM by pressing "Park 3" in the LCD screen.

  • Press "#" to confirm.

  • Hang up or press "HF".



  • Menu (F1)

  • Park 3 Key

  • Enter the Installer Password. 789 at Default.

  • Press # to confirm

  • Dial 9819

  • Enter the Month

  • Press # to confirm

  • Enter the Day

  • Press # to confirm

  • Enter the Year

  • Press # to confirm



Executone Isoetec IDS M-32 Phones:




System must have the TIME option enabled. Time may be changed only from a designated Operator Phone.

  • Lift the Handset.

  • At the dial tone, dial "28" then the 4-digit time in military format. For example, "1500" = 3:00PM.

  • A confirmation tone is heard.