Hosted IP Solutions

Lower Your Phone Bills with Hosted IP Solutions

Ever since the Internet became well-known, some companies have realized that it is useful for transmitting data in forms other than text and video. These businesses soon got to work on perfecting the transmission of voice data using internet protocol, or IP, technology. Almost immediately, some began offering their services to other businesses and to the public. Some even offered service to individuals for free, provided they were willing to download an app that would show them ads in exchange.
Fast forward 20 years, and you'll find that these money-saving offerings are much better than those original attempts. Now, calls aren't dropped and the voice clarity is generally clear. At this point, you can seriously consider hosted IP solutions for your business. Your customers are unlikely to even know that your phone system isn't running on traditional telecom lines.
While today's IP solutions aren't free like they once were, this is made up for by the amount of extras you can get. Business plans offer everything you would want for company lines, including automated answering and call routing, time-based routing, and more. Even better, many companies allow for ala carte ordering of options instead of making you get a big bundle to get everything you want.
In most markets, hosted IP solutions are still much cheaper than the equivalent plans from traditional telecoms. This makes it so that you can easily improve your company's bottom line by switching. If you're outfitting a new building with phone service, you may save even more. That's because IP phones run on cable lines, so you are saved from having to install separate phone lines. All you need to do is hook your IP phones into your existing internet cable, and you'll have full connectivity.